ALLBONDS™ Composite Materials

For over 25 years, ALLBONDS™ has delivered highly versatile, lightweight, durable aluminum composite material (ACM) for exterior facades of office buildings, airports, hotels, restaurants, multi-living facilities, hospitals, dealerships, and more! Our unique panels allow for a variety of applications and can be easily cut, bent, shaped, curved, and fabricated to bring your architectural vision to life. ALLBONDS™ panels have met or exceeded rigorous testing through the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) to ensure the highest quality, safety, lifespan, and durability in the market. Check out the technical data page to learn more about our testing information. We are committed to delivering world class products, customer service, and ingenuity to ensure your project gets the modern, premium look it deserves. Unfold your imagination with ALLBONDS™. To request samples or a quote, click here.


To empower imagination, creativity, and long lasting durability for all buildings through safe, economical, and sustainable cladding solutions.



Creative Innovation

We pride ourselves on delivering and expanding upon our high quality cladding solutions that can meet practically any architectural vision while providing you an infinite spectrum of colors to choose from at no additional cost.


The backbone of our business is centered on integrity and honesty. We are committed to being 100% upfront on our deliverables, pricing, color offerings, customer service, and every detail of our solutions so you know exactly what you get without any hidden surprises. If you feel something has not been clearly answered on any of our literature, website, or submittals, please contact us and we’ll ensure you get the answers you’re looking for.

Customer First

We view our customers as our partners and we are nothing without the support of our happy customers. We strive to provide the greatest amount of versatility in product design, quality, finish, and cost-effectiveness to ensure our customers are ecstatic with the results. Your feedback is highly valued, and if you have suggestions, concerns, or just want to leave a general comment, we’d love to hear from you!